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Digital audio recording on location

  • We record multi-track at 24/96, direct to hard disk raid array using the SADiE LRX, and although we specialise in classical music we also have experience recording jazz, folk, musicals or spoken word. 
  • You can take your session or live concert masters away on just about any format you specify, and we can provide masters suitable for producing CDs or tracks for downloading. 
  • The number of musicians is no object, and we are fully experienced in recording everything from solo artist to grand opera. We can suggest a venue for sessions and arrange to hire it on your behalf if necessary. 
  • We will quote in advance an all-inclusive daily rate for the project, which will depend on the forces and practicalities involved.

Digital hard disk editing and mastering
  • We can edit and master from any original session format, and we’re quite happy to take over a project at the post-production stage. We provide artist-approval copies at all stages of editing, on CD or via download. 
  • Mastering and remastering is normally as a DDPi, CD-R or uploaded direct to server. 
  • We charge a fee quoted in advance for the whole project, which includes all postage and material costs. 
Artistic services
  • Annabel is an experienced session producer and will ‘mark-up’ scores for editing after the sessions. We’re also happy to mark-up scores as part of our separate post-production service. Again, we’ll quote for each project individually, either as a daily rate (for sessions) or a flat fee — whatever suits you. 
Music printing
  • We’re able to copy and set scores, make up parts and print it all to the highest professional standard, either as part of a pre-session service or totally independently. 

Our charges are all-inclusive and contain no hidden extras (although we do charge VAT). Therefore you will always know before the start of each project how much it’s going to cost in total. No open-ended hourly rates, no charges ‘per edit’.


Here’s a list of some of the equipment currently owned by Giraffe Productions. However, if there’s something you specifically require for a particular project and it’s not in this list, we’ll be happy to hire it in.
  • SADiE LRX 32 channel digital mixer recording to raid array 
  • Microphones: Schoeps MK21& MK41, Neumann U89, TLM103 & KM184, AKG C414 B-ULS, Røde Classic 
  • Prism microphone preamplifier 
  • SADiE hard-disk digital editing system 
  • Bricasti M7 reverberation unit 
  • Fostex CR500 CD recorder 
  • ATC SCM50 passive monitor speakers 
  • Bryston 4BSST Power amplifier 
  • ATC SCM 25A monitor speakers
  • AKG K240DF, Beyerdynamic DT990 & Sennheiser HD600 headphones 
  • Microphone stands by Keith Monks, Manfrotto and K&M 
  • Full producer’s communication system with telephones, red light and video link