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Giraffe Productions was formed in August 1995 by Ben Connellan and his (then) fiancée Annabel. At that time, we felt that Ben’s years of experience engineering and editing hundreds of CDs for Chandos Records, and Annabel’s musical background and attention to artistic detail, would together form a well-rounded team, able to offer a full range of services to the classical music industry. Since then we have built up an impressive range of clients, are associated with many highly-respected artists within the industry, and have produced recordings for a large number of record labels, many of which have won awards.
Now we can boast a comprehensive range of digital equipment for 24/96 direct-to-disk multitrack recording and editing, highly-skilled musical and artistic services, but, above all, decades of combined experience making hundreds of superb-quality records for the classical industry, within which we’re highly respected (see reviews). A personalised, friendly service is our hallmark, while standards of quality and professionalism are paramount.